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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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gaithersburg. by morning, the temperatures will range between 2 below and 8 above with clear skies but the winds will be strong enough to push the wind chills from 5 to 15 degrees below zero. records could be tied or broken. 8 in washington. 4 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. 2 below at dulles. we'll get close. they could be tied. they could be broken. we'll tell you what to expect for the weekend. weekend storm we'll keep an eye on, too, in a few minutes. maureen? >> thank you so much doug. the cold weather is prompting schools to change schedules. tomorrow, prince william, loudoun, spotsylvania and stafford schools will be closed. prince george's county and frederick city schools will open two hours late. we have a complete list of all closings and delays right now at the bottom of your screen. some schools struggled with the cold and ice this morning. fairfax county school buses in some areas were running as much as an hour behind schedule. metro riders faced delays after a rail cracked on the green line
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and trains broke down in the cold. marc trains also fell behind schedule because of a broken rail. c.s.x. fired up its gas powered heaters to keep rail switches from freezing. metro says that sometimes it gets calls from passengers concerned about the flames from the heaters. they're most often seen on the c.s.x. tracks rather running parallel to metro trains near the rhode island station. this potentially historic cold snap is creating a boom for one industry. plumbing. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in upper marlboro where plumbers are at work at a courthouse shut down by frigid temperatures. brad? >> yeah, the main courthouse home to the circuit or district court. they had a pipe break and it flooded out some electrical equipment. they have no power if there. one of the sheriff's deputies told me it is freezing in the building. it was closed today. it will be closed tomorrow. if you've got any court activities, you'll want to check the website to see some things
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have been moved around. it is really cold out here. when the sun was shining, it wasn't too bad. i want to show you how cold it is in the back of this granite marker here. i squirt water on there. it's frozen in my bottle. i don't have much to squirt out of the bottle. it is -- look at that. it is freezing on contact. this is what's happening in people's homes. >> it is cold. it's cold for letter carriers. even ones who won't admit it. >> can always be worse, you know, you could be in eight feet of snow. >> it's cold just crossing a street. >> make me want to stay in! put on a pot of soup! >> for plumbers things couldn't be hotter. >> my phone doesn't stop ringing. >> james russell's bowie base edd plumbing said he can't stop running. this is a perfect example. when the home owner opened the door, it sounded like a waterfall. water gushing through the ceiling drywall.
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>> shut off valve wasn't shut off and the water was still inside the pipe. it just exploded. basically the water on the inside when it freezes, it creates and just shoves it out until it finds a place to go. >> that's what happened to the prince george's county circuit court. there was enough of a flood in the big building that electrical equipment is damaged and the building closed for the day and again tomorrow. good days indeed for plumbers like james russell and nick mills who specializes in fire sprinklers. >> we won't see our families another week. >> we'll give it a try again. there we go. water frozen instantly. the drops didn't even make it down this far before they froze. it's cold outside. best advice to those pipes in your house, we're told, the problem is usually with the hose outside. so turn off the valve and drain that pipe. if it's already frozen you want to turn on the nearest spigot to that so you can reduce the pressure and take a hair blow
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dryer to that pipe and thaw it out. there will be problems. we saw them today. >> thank you brad. abc 7 is giving you the information that you need to stay safe in this dangerous cold. "good morning washington" will break down the impact on schools as well as on your commute starting tomorrow at 4:24 a.m. new at 6:00 the f.b.i. is offering a $30,000 reward for two bank robbers. they're called the black hat bandits. they're linked to seven robberies in virginia and maryland this year. no one has been hurt. authorities say the thieves are becoming more confrontational. they robbed a bb&t branch in vienna and wells fargo in sterling yesterday afternoon. one of the men held a gun to a customer's head. a local rabbi pleaded guilty to secretly videotaping women as they undressed in a ritual bath. barry freundel was rabbi at
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kesher israel synagogue in georgetown. he taught a religious course at towson university. as part of the deal freundel admitted to 52 counts of voyeurism. in exchange the government will not seek indictments on other charges against him. each of the 52 counts carries up to one year in prison. freundel will be sentenced in may. tonight, abc 7 has confirmed former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will be in the courtroom tomorrow when a judge sentences his wife maureen. the first former -- the fort couple were convicted last year on several counts of corruption. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in richmond with what to expect. >> ask around richmond and this is a common response to the name maureen mcdonnell. >> i have sympathy. >> but many will say mercy cannot erase the conviction. >> i do think that prison time is necessary for something like this. >> i think she should get as much as him. >> throughout the trial, maureen mcdonnell was portrayed as
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unstable, mean and as the primary person who allowed johnny williams access to governor mcdonnell as williams pursued support for his supplement but in light of the former governor's less than expected sentence of two years, prosecutors are asking judge james spencer to sentence maureen mcdonnell to 18 months in prison arguing that she unhesitatingly participated in the scheme to sell the governor's office to satisfy her desire for a luxurious lifestyle. but defense attorneys want leniency. probation and 4,000 hours of community service claiming she made bad decisions because she suffered both mentally and emotionally as she struggled to cope with the pressures of her position. >> i would guess that some period of active incarceration is likely for her. >> the richmond defense attorney believes the bruising treatment during the trial will play a role tomorrow. >> whatever blame she might share in this she is an individual who has been through the ringer to say the least.
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and i have to think that will play out in the judge's logic. >> tomorrow, we will be hearing from attorneys and witnesses but everyone will be watching very closely to see whether or not we hear from maureen mcdonnell herself after having not said a word before during or after the trial. in richmond, jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 6 of -- 6:00 why three area people are reaching for the stars and trying to win a one way trip to mars. plus the new steps the u.s. is taking to fight isil using both weapons and ideas. and the "7 on your side" help center is open. tonight, helping you fight back against crime. call 703-236-9220 to get answers to your questions and concerns.
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>> today, the u.s. and turkey signed an agreement to arm and train syrian rebels fighting the islamic state. while little is known about the deal the turkish government says training could begin next month. turkey shares a 750 mile border with syria and is a key u.s. ally in the fight against isil. president obama spoke at the closing session of a white house summit on extremism today. delegates from 65 nations attended the three day event. focused largely on the threat from groups like isil.
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>> >> al-qaida and isil especially their attempt to use islam to justify their violence. >> the president called on arab countries to improve educational and economic opportunities for young people so they have choices other than joining terror groups. the poor condition of d.c.'s ladder truck fleet is raising questions about public safety in washington. at full force, d.c. fire and e.m.s. have 21 ladder trucks. since this summer as few as 10 have passed inspection and that is slowing response to emergency calls. coming up at 11:00, the multimillion dollar bill to repair the ladder truck and how it could have been avoided. information just in from montgomery county. schools there will open two hours late tomorrow much the district is also just announcing a two hour delay. rather, the montgomery county school district is announcing the two-hour delay because of
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the dangerous cold weather. and next on abc 7 news at 6:00 why some are willing to give up their lives on earth for a one-way ticket to mars. doug hill has the latest on the dangerous cold weather and when snow might make its way back in the forecast. and "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. call our help desk with your concerns about crime in your community. and we'll check in with jennifer donelan in a few minutes. >> after a very successful road trip, the caps are home against the jets tonight. maryland tries to shuck the cornhuskers while the wizards make a trade and prepare for a run to the playoffs.
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>> good evening, welcome back to the abc 7 news on your side help center. right now, we have police officers and detectives including homicide detectives from across our area taking your calls about any questions that you have about crime in the neighborhoods. are you worried about a series of break-ins of cars in your neighborhood? are you worried about how to best secure your home? these folks are here to take your calls and give you advice. the number is 703-236-9220.
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we are also in the midst of our series "the killers among us." we are trying to bring peace to five grieving families in the search for their loved ones' killers. joining me now from prince william county is officer jonathan farack. thank you for joining us. what kind of calls are you getting? >> we're getting a variety of calls. narcotics related and neighborhood dispute related. it's a mix. >> how important is it to work with the public to keep our neighborhoods safe? >> that's a lot more of the public than police. we need suspicious activities and suspicious persons in the area. our citizens know the neighborhoods better than anyone. that's the best line of defense to call in if they suspect anything. >> that's perfect. thank you so much. you are the first line of defense. so if you have any questions, concerbout anything in your neighborhood, some drug boys working on the corner you want for them to get out of the neighborhood, call police. they're here. 703-236-9220.
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>> thank you so much jennifer. speaking of leaving the neighborhood, imagine leaving earth for a one-way trip to mars. six area people are among the 100 chosen as finalists for a one way ticket to history. caroline tucker talks with three of the finalists about their extraterrestrial dreams. >> when i was little you know i wanted to be an astronaut. >> little did dan carrie know he might one day get his wish. >> what would they want with a 50-year-old data guy? i don't know. >> the 53-year-old annandale man is one of the final 100 candidates out of 200,000 for the mars one project. an ambitious mission to send people one way to the red planet to start a colony by 2024. >> space exploration benefits human kind in immeasurable ways. >> sonja van meter is from alexandria and the 36-year-old is part of the mars one. van meter like carrie is married and she has stepchildren who are
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supporting her dream. >> you may never see the planet again helps you to look at the next 10 years like what is really important? what do i really want to focus on? >> beginning in the 1970s nasa began exploring the surface of mars using vehicles like this. it showed a very cold dry and rocky planet. but it's only been vehicles that have explored the surface. >> mars one would be the first manned mission. skeptics wonder about the $6 billion price tag and a recent m.i.t. study found the group would only survive 68 days after the more than 30 million mile journey. candidate mike mcdonald from fairfax says it's important to at least try. >> always be critics until something -- >> the final 100 go through team building and testing in the fall. d will be able to watch it all reality style. >> this is to start for man kind. >> in northwest, caroline tucker, abc 7 news. >> wow. are you a candidate?
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>> no. >> you want to stay on this planet? >> pretty much. as long as i'm here. >> a little cold on this planet. >> a little bit. you know the surface of mars sometimes, they can get up to 6 or 7 degrees in the first few inches of the soil. and then it's like below zero. >> wonderful. >> tonight, we'll go below zero in most places. run through the numbers right here. first the wind chill advisory in effect until noon tomorrow. temperatures are plenty cold right now dropping into the teens. won't be long until we're in the single numbers. right now i walked past one in petersburg it's 9. 2 below zero in western maryland already. these numbers in the low teens and double digits are going to drop into the single digits and maybe below zero in spots by morning. 14 the morning low. ridiculously below average. temperatures here are average high 48. it will be a while. maybe sunday come to think of it. we'll hit 48. 2 below and 8 above. that's the general range of overnight temperatures combined with gusty winds and we'll put wind chills 5 to 15 below.
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the potential of tying or breaking low temperatures tomorrow morning. 8 is the magic number and 2 below at dulles and each one is in the range where that record can be tied for a new record established. looking forward, a couple of things to keep an eye on. the core of the cold air still to the northwest and the north westerly winds will bring the cold temperatures in. down to 8 degrees in roanoke. we'll see the combination of the winds and the cold fefrpz make it brutally cold overnight and the reason so many school systems are closing or delayed. we'll have clear skies with snow cover. tomorrow, we'll start with sunshine and in fact cold to sunshine all day. it won't warm us up much. and then we have to deal with this. possibility we'll have some snowmoving in ahead of a storm center, well west of the mountains on saturday. normally this kind of system that passes so far to the west it's almost a a shoo-in to be all rain. we have the arctic air in place.
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maybe accumulate a bit and then mix with and change to freezing rain to put ice on top of it. this is by 7:00 saturday according to our futurecast. and then the warmer air works its way down to the surface. that's why sunday we have a shot of getting up to about 48 degrees. in advance of this winter storm watches have been posted as far east as western virginia. would not be surprised if this winter storm watch was not extended closer to the washington area because of a little snow and the potential of some ice. here we go. 19 is the best we can do tomorrow with sunshine and then for the next seven days we'll warm up into lower 3 saturday with an 80% chance of snow mibsing with changing to freezing rain and then clearing and still remaining abnormally cold for early next week. maureen and tim? >> ok, thank you so much, doug. well, what's going on with the terps? >> maryland terrapins are rolling and they're back on schedule. the wizards make a deal before the trade deadline expires and the caps are finally back in the phone booth after a successful
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road trip. i have a preview coming up next.
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>> let's start with basketball because the wizards made a trade today and they certainly feel that it would help them in the stretch run of the playoffs. backup point guard andre miller goes to sacramento to join his old coach. wizards get ramon sessions from
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the kings. this is not an earth shattering blow up the twitter world type trade but it gets a faster younger, better defender to back up john wall. here's the deal. you give up a 6'2" 38-year-old guard and get a 6'3" 28-year-old guard that can defend and giddy up on the fast break. let's go to hockey. it's to rock the red tonight. fill the phone booth and continue to climb to the top of the metro division. washington is a point behind the penguins and the rangers. they have put themselves in great position and play the jets at home. a team they've beaten six straight times. they're hot. they're playing as well as anybody in the league. caps play tonight. the maryland terrapins start a three game home stand tonight against nebraska. with five games left before the tournament, these games are magnified. the terps last four wins have been by a total 12 points combined. they need this one tonight. our play of the night comes from toledo akron. catches the inbound pass with one hand and throws it down. that's a tomahawk style man sized jam. he's 6'6" with a wing span of
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seven feet and the intensity of the jam makes him a warrior! if you don't like that one, how about the next one? baseball austin garcia cookman, drive this fastball to deep center field. that's trouble from the get go. jemarcus woods lays out and makes a full extension catch. flying vertical to horizontal making the grab. a u.c.f. legend hoover, human vacuum cleaner and the catch of the night. and speaking of baseball washington nationals pitchers and catchers reported to camp today. first official workout will be saturday morning. let's go to florida! >> ready to go. we all are. >> let's talk tonight. we'll possibly set record low temperatures. we have a wind chill advisory steve rudin will be in. make sure you catch with him late tonight at 11:00 for the very latest on what to expect on this very cold friday morning. >> all right. expect cold. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. join us at 11:00. have a goo
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on this thursday night, pipes bursting families now paying the price for this. and now, the next storm. ice, freezing rain for tens of millions of drivers. tonight, the plummeting temperatures from the midwest to the northeast, all the way to the south. what you should do right now to protect your home. and what insurance will not cover. the new national warning tonight. the hospital superbug fears. two dead nearly 180 patients possibly exposed. breaking developments in the deadly road rage manhunt. the mother of four killed. and today, the standoff. we're on the scene. the real reason eddie murphy didn't purr form at the "snl" reunion. bill cosby applauding him tonight. and a quiz for you. the one thing behind that curtain at the oscars made in america. can you guess? >> made in america!


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